Maria Romero

Director / Founder

My name is María Teresa Romero, I’m breast cancer survivor for 11 years now. Time has passed and I’ve realized that. That young 38 years old women who found out she had breast cancer wiped the tears from her face and used that pain to make her stronger to keep living for herself, her family, and her true purpose in life which is to help women going through what I went through. Dreams do come true with time and patience. I founded Latina Sisters Support, and it was created to opens the doors to any women that needs help emotionally by providing education and support through their journey.

Millie Mota


My name is Millie Mota, my profession is 20 years of Banker experience, proud mother of one Son, but my second-best life accomplishment came from been a “Brest Cancer Survivor” I found a group of sisters battling the same fight, Latina Sisters Support Inc. Game me the courage to help and contribute with our community, by helping does that don’t have any voice. I know that from every Wound, will be a scar and every scar will tell our stories, but I’m sure we can say out loud that we “Survive”

Maria Almeida


Scars may heal, years may pass. But never again will the simple act of waking up to a normal, boring day as a healthy individual be taken for granted, nor go unappreciated.

Edixia Funes

Vice President & Treasurer

My name is Edixia Funes, and I am a native of El Salvador. I am a proud mother of two. I am an educator who has worked the last ten years teaching and serving children with special needs. The special needs population is very dear to my heart. I became involved in Latina Sisters shortly after one of my siblings was diagnosed with cancer, through my friend, Maria Teresa Romero. Working with Latina Sisters has heightened my awareness of the needs of our Latin Community and has helped focus my attention on the growing need for cancer support for our most vulnerable citizens.

Because we can’t do this alone. Our team helps reduce the disparities in access to quality health care and
breast cancer awareness amongst Hispanic/Latina women and their families.

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