Our Services

Services During 2022 / 2023
We are able to provide the following services:
Patient Navigation/ Coordinator And Referral Services Assist

In 2022 we helped around 300 to 350 females on a monthly basis helping to navigate, and coordinate
treatments, doctor’s referral, scheduling appointments to specialists and other needs.

Hot Meals Services

In 2022 we helped about 125 ladies with hot home meal delivery services.

Transportation Services

In 2022 we helped 150 to 200 with transportation to and from treatment, we only provide 4 to 6 rides during chemotherapy, radiation and upon review case by case.

House Cleaning assistance

In 2022 we cleaned the house for 100 to 150 ladies during the treatment

Funeral Services Donations

$300 case by case review

Home Companion Assistance

We provided services to anyone that need the companion during treatment, and difficult time.

We service only Long Island

We offer programs and services to help our sisters with what they’re going through, many cancer patients are diagnosed each year in this country, and the cancer survivors, as well as their family and friends, will need our help.

We provide information, day-to-day help, and emotional support. And best of all, our help is free.

Counseling, Education & Referrals

Following a cancer diagnosis, healthcare professionals provide a variety of therapies to help women manage their psychosocial distress, but there is no strong evidence-based consensus on which interventions are most successful in lowering distress and enhancing quality of life.

We offer online and phone services as part of intervention program for women with Breast Cancer as well as any other type of Cancers.

Referrals to health care entities for diagnosed individuals

Mental Health / Counseling support 

Access to Social Workers

Volunteer Life Coaches 

Health Insurance and Health care Navigator 

Child Care Support 

We inform and recommend to a social worker to assist the survivors with a community-based intervention in addition to psychotherapy; they offer casework, administer social services organizations and agencies, and work to enhance social systems via different sorts of advocacy. 

Some social workers who hold clinical social worker licenses are qualified to make diagnoses, treat mental illnesses, and offer psychotherapy.

Family Care

We provide survivors, their families, caregivers, and the community with virtual and in-person education, support, and resources. You may learn about cancer screening and prevention, different cancer diagnoses, what to anticipate during treatment, and how to get ready for the many stages of cancer care through live seminars. Professionally run, private, and cost-free sessions are available.

Whenever necessary, we set up individual and group meetings with a life coach. In life coaching, a client collaborates with a coach who is not a healthcare provider to identify obstacles and problematic habits, define objectives, and develop action plans to get the outcomes they want.

The Support groups provide an opportunity for our survivors to share their experiences and feelings with others who are ‘in the same boat’.

Monthly group meetings for survivors and newly diagnosed individuals and their families

Referrals to legal services

Meal deliveries

House cleaning services

Youth support assistance

We have a specific location where bags or boxes of food are delivered to local residents who are in need. We promise to give meals to people in need and the members of their families.


We partner with the program provided by Adelphi university for all breast cancer survivors to assist them with transportation to their therapy and medical appointments, other survivors suffering from other types of cancer will be assisted by our sister-to-sister help program from Latina Sisters Support.

Transportation to and from clinical visits, treatment and therapy:

Sister support program – volunteers provide transport

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